The ATOM ADVENTURES let you explore a fantasy world, with descriptions of the places you visit, the characters you encounter, and the objects you find in your quest for treasure. The pack consists of an Adventure program, and three different Adventure games:


Search for treasure in a maze of interconnected caverns, tunnels, and caves, inhabited by friendly and unfriendly monsters. Win by finding treasure, and taking it to the Throne Room.


You start on the doorstep of a haunted house, in whose rooms lurk the ghosts of some familiar people. Find treasure and take it to the Grand Banqueting Hall to win the game.


You play the part of an intergalactic traveller in this mind-bogglingly wierd trip from Earth to the most distant parts of the galaxy. To win you must survive battles against the inhabitants of alien planets; and return home with treasure. Program 5K, graphics 6K.