A set of 4 cassettes containing programs designed to introduce you to the world of personal computing. Complete with a booklet giving full instructions on loading and running the programs - all you need is an Atom with at least 3K text-space.

Cassette 1 - Interactive Teaching

Step by step this tape teaches you to "talk' to the Atom - no manuals or experience necessary. The display on the TV screen will tell you what the computer is doing, what you should do next, and even what you have done wrong.

Cassette 2 - Financial Planning

The MINICALC program will introduce you to the concepts of financial modelling that are widely used in business, and will prove invaluable for household budgeting.

SALES uses graphical techniques to chart sales over a 12-month period, with cumulative and 3-monthly averages.

Cassette 3 - Household

Programs for use in the home.

TBOOK is a computerised telephone-book, which can hold 95 names and telephone numbers for quick and easy access; these can be stored on cassette.


Learn to touch-type with TYPER, which gives you a carefully graded series of exercises which get harder as you improve; it includes a diagram of the keyboard so you do not have to look down at your hands. Timing a series of actions is difficult, even with a stopwatch; TIMER will automatically organise the timing of a series of events, such as the stages in preparing a meal, display the current time and a countdown, and ring an alarm when each one is due.

Cassette 4 - Games

ATTACK - defend yourself from attack with a laser gun.
CONNECT4 - Play against the computer, or another player, to get 4 counters in a row.
BREAKOUT - Knock bricks from a wall with a bat and ball, and try to beat the high score.



- For 1 to 4 players; the computer lays out 25 pairs of cards face-down, and you must remember where the pairs are.


- Crack the computer's code in less than ten attempts.