The ATOM LIFE package is one of the fastest versions of Life available on any microcomputer, and will process a full 256 x 192 screen in less than 2 seconds, or an 128 x 64 screen in under ½ second. It uses the standard set of rules for survival and reproduction. These rules, though simple, give rise to a very complicated and fascinating selection of patterns. Some patterns are stable, others die out, some oscillate between different states, and some (such as the glider and the spaceship) move with successive generations.

A cursor-drawing system allows any shape to be drawn on the screen. The program comes complete with 7 programmed shapes, which can be called up in any part of the screen in any orientation. These shapes are:

Glider, small spaceship, flying machines, glider gun, queen bee, 15 cycle, and eater.

Complex patterns can be saved to cassette and reloaded, and 5 interesting patterns are provided with the program:

Newgun, two oscillators, a poisoned cell, and a grid pattern.