MATHS PACK 2 Picomath Algebraic Manipulation Package

The Picomath suite of programs will perform a wide range of algebraic manipulations, and expressions can be symbolically differentiated or integrated.

POLYNOM can expand and simplify, differentiate, or integrate, a polynomial expression such as:

(2x - y). (x + y)2 - (28z - 1)2

into the equivalent polynomial:

2x3 + 3x2y - y3 - 784.z2 + 56.z - 1

blurb - lots of it

RATIONAL can expand and simplify an expression such as:

1 +  1  -  1  +  2x 
    x-1   x-1   x2-1

into the equivalent ratio of two polynomials, reduced to lowest terms:


TRIGONOM can expand and simplify,differentiate, or integrate, a trigonometric expression such as:

1 + tan2x
1 + cot2x

into the equivalent standard form:

sec2x - 1

FOURIER can perform trigonometric transformations into a linear combination of sines and cosines of integer multiples of x. For example:

64 sin4x cos3x

will be transformed into:

3 cos x - 3 cos (3x) - cos (5x) + cos (7x)

Memory requirements: Programs 5K, graphics ½K, need floating-point.