Ten Games for the Minimum ATOM

This pack includes video games such as Breakout and Squash, games of deduction such as Mastermind, and simulations such as Ski-Run and Track, all of which will run on an 8+2K ATOM.

BREAKOUT - Knock bricks from a wall and beat the high score.
HECTIC - Catch the blocks falling from the sky before they block your way.
MASTERMIND - Guess the computer's code in less than ten attempts.

SKI-RUN - Ski down a mountain, avoiding the trees, to the safety of a hut.

SNAKE - Guide your snake to feed it on digits, but avoid bumping into the edge!

TRACK - Drive along a race-track, avoiding the oncoming traffic.

SIMON - Test your memory with a series of letters provided by the computer.

SQUASH - Keep 15 balls in play in the squash court.

MOON - Land your module on the surface of the moon, controlling thrust and with a readout of height, velocity, and acceleration.


BOMBS-AWAY - Two players fire at each-other across a mountain.