Control Universal catalogue

Section 6


355System 1 User manual (Includes 6502 CPU technical manual)5.00
356Acorn System 2 and Cassette Operating System manual5.00
357Acorn Disk Manual for Drive, DOS & controller card3.50
358Acorn 6502 Assembler/Disassembler/Editor user manual5.00
359Acorn 6809 user manual5.00
360Acorn BASIC manual17.50
361Acorn Atom manual8.00
362Acorn 8K RAM card technical manual 1.00
363Acorn VDU card technical manual1.00
364Acorn FDC card technical manual (Section out of DOS manual)1.00
365Acorn VIA card technical manual1.00
366Acorn EPROM Programmer card technical manual1.00
367Acorn Analogue card Technical manual1.00
368Acorn Laboratory Interface technical manual1.00
369Acorn Atom PAL encoder board manual1.00
370ONLI extension to BASIC user manual3.00
371Econet User Manual3.00
372Econet Technical Manual3.00
373FLEX user manual30.00
374Acorn 32K DRAM card technical manual1.00
375Acorn In-circuit Emulator technical manual1.00
376Atom disk manual5.00


300R6500 Programming manual4.00
305R6500 Hardware manual4.00
310AIM 65 User handbook11.00
315AIM 65 Circuit diagram1.00
316AIM 65 Monitor listing3.00
320Items 300-316 together19.50
325AIM 65 BASIC manual6.00
326Items 320,325 together
Items 300, 305 and 325 include the appropriate quick reference card.
330Terminal Interface Monitor manual2.50
335Micropower Data Catalogue9.00
340Microprocessor System Engineering12.00
3456502 Software Design Manual8.00
350AIM 65 PL/65 User manual9.00
352AIM 65 Laboratory Practice Leo J. Scanlon.
First class teaching aid for AIM 65
327AIM 65 Forth Manual11.00
328AIM 65 Pascal Manual11.00