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Section 9


Microflex 65 is the name given to the range of Eurocard modules made by Rockwell to be both an extension to the AIM 65 and a stand alone modular Eurocard rack mounted computer. The 64-line bus offers memory addressing up to 128K bytes, and allows any card in any slot. A range of cages (4, 8 and 16 way) permit a variety of packaging configurations.

166	RM65-1000E Microflex single board computer					£121
	Integrates a 6502 CPU, 2K bytes of static RAM, 16K bytes ROM capacity,
	6522 VIA onto a Eurocard. Selectable memory map compatibility with AIM
	65 allows programs developed on AIM 65 to be installed on this SBC.

165	RM65-3108E Microflex 8K static RAM card						£171 
	Carries 8K bytes RAM in 2114 devices in two 4K blocks.
	Starting addresses of each block is selectable by switch, 
	and a further switch allocates the block to one of two 64K banks,
	allowing the CPU to select from 128K bytes.

171	RM65-3132E Microflex 32K bytes dynamic RAM					£171 
	Arranged in eight 4K blocks which can be selected in 4K blocks, 
	and assigned to one of two 64K banks.
	The entire module can be write tested by a switch.
	Refreshing is automatic and transparent to the CPU.

170	RM65-3216 Microflex 16K PROM/ROM module						 £58
	Eight 24 pin sockets each allowing a RAM or ROM of up to 8K bytes.
	Switches allow independent setting of the start addresses of 4K memory blocks.
	Choice of 2, 4 or 8K byte memory device is by jumper.

167	RM65-5101 Microflex Floppy Disk Controller					£246
	Controls up to four 8" or 5.25" drives, single or double sided soft sectored.
	Single or double density nay be selected under software control.
	Price includes ROM firmware for Disk, File and Directory functions.

168	RM65-5102E Microflex CRT controller (VDU card)					£118
	Monochrome output to monitor or TV (via on board RF modulator).
	5x7 matrix in a 7x10 field provides alphanumerics and symbols from
	on-board character generator.

172	RM65-5222E Microflex General Purpose I/O and Timer (GPIO)			£118
	Provides two 6522 VIA devices offering a total of 40 i/o lines plus
	4 timers. Can be assigned to one or both of the two 64K memory

200	RM65-5451E Asynchronous Communications Interface Adaptor (ACIA)			£136
	Interfaces two independent asynchronous serial i/o channels onto the
	bus, each of which may operate as a data terminal or data set,
	selectable by jumpers. Both RS232C and 20mA TTY current loop are
	provided on channel 1; RS232C on channel 2. Uses 6551 ACIA device.

RM65-7004E	Microflex 4 slot card cage						 £86
RM65-7O04NE	Microflex 4 slot PCB only						 £12
RM65-7O08E	Microflex 8 slot card cage						£142
RM65-7O08E	Microflex 8 slot PCB only						 £19
RM65-7016E	Microflex 16 slot card cage						£216
RM65-7016NE	Microflex 16 slot PCB only						 £34

	Cages have integral card guides.
	Allows extension to AIM 65 through a buffer module (code 180).
	May be mounted in a variety of orientations.
	Accepts axial module cooling fan.
	Screw terminals provided for power connection.

175	RM65-7101 Single Card Adaptor for AIM 65 to one Microflex module		 £36
	One end plugs directly onto the AIM 65 expansion
	connector, and the other onto the Microflex module to be used.

173	RM65-7102E IEEE 488 Bus Controller module					£177
	ROM-resident firmware implements all the bus functions specified in
	the IEEE 488, 1978. A TI 9914 GPIB adaptor interfaces the 16-bit
	GPIB to the 8-bit Microflex bus. Address, data and control
	lines are buffered.

180	RM65-7104E Adaptor/Buffer Module for AIM 65 to multiple modules			 £52
	Consists of an adaptor, two cables and buffer module that connects an
	AIM 65 to the expansion cages. The adaptor plugs onto the AIM
	expansion connector.

190	RM65-72O1E Design Prototyping module						 £25
	Plain card with pre-routed power and return lines, and connector
	pattern, with holes for wire-wrapping prototype circuits.

195	RM65-7211E Extender Module							 £27
	Allows a module to be accessible by an engineer while remaining plugged
	in to the bus.

191	RM65-7116E Microflex Cable Driver module					 £68
	As code 180, allows AIM 65 to be connected to multiple Microflex
	modules, but in this case the cage may be up to 6 feet away, where
	the standard unit is limited to 16 inches.