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This is claimed to be the world's most successful range of computer printers, and certainly its adoption with only a change of badge as the printer for the IBM, Sharp, PET and HP microcomputers lends weight to the idea.

482	Epson MX8OF/T type 1							£395

This version has a 99 dot matrix which allows true descenders, operates at 80 ch/s, programmable font variation to give 40, 66, 80 and 132 characters per line, plus emphasised and enlarged characters. The unit comes with a tractor feed mechanism which can be easily detached and then cut sheets of paper used as in an ordinary typewriter. The rubber plattern helps to reduce the printing noise, arid improves the standard of printing. "Chunky" graphics are also standard on this version.

480	Epson MX 80 F/T type 2							£425

This is broadly similar to the MX 80 F/T model 1, but has high resolution graphics capability with individual dot addressablity.

245	Epson MX 82							

Again similar to MX 80 types above, but with true 1:1 ratio screen dump. Ie a circle is printed as a true circle. The high resolution graphics give 1152 dots to the line. This version does not have friction feed.

246	Epson MX 82 F/T								£455

As the Epson MX 82 above but with the choice of demountable tractor drive or friction feed.

483	RS232 interface for MX 80 range						 £45
484	Universal IEEE to Centronics interface					 £69
250	RS232 interface with 2K FIFO (required for hi-res graphics)		 £79
251	RS232 interface with 2K FIFO and "x" on "x" off				£105
487	Spare cartridge ribbon for MX 80 series					  £9
488	Printer cable Acorn to Centronics					 £15



What could be better than increased performance coupled with low price? MX 100/3 is upgraded from 80 to 100 characters/sec, and has had more programmable features added that includes subscripts and superscripts, improved graphics, auto underlining and enhanced aesthetics. At the same time the price has been decreased from £575 to £495, to what must be one of the best buys around in matrix printers.

247	Epson MX 100/3					£495
248	Epson MX 100 spare cartridge ribbon		 £11


This printer produces text and graphics in 7 colours by single, double and treble printing using a three colour ribbon (magenta yellow and cyan). Each printer dot is individually addressable for high resolution colour graphics. The text format is 5x7 matrix for the 96 standard ASCII characters, 6x7 matrix for 64 PET graphics characters, plus 15 user programmable characters.

240	Integrex colour printer				£875
241	Integrex spare colour ribbon			 £15


This is one of the most competitively-priced daisy wheel printers on the market, and yet offers a wide range of sophisticated features. It is provided with a standard 2K print buffer, and internal software which achieves compatibility with word processing and wordstar programs.

Facilities include:-

The standard midels have a rubber plattern and are designed to be used with single sheets of paper like an ordinary typewriter, although motorised paper advance makes paper loading exceptionally quick and easy. Alternatively, a tractor option is available which handles standard computer paper with holes along the edge. There is also an automatic loader for single sheets of cut paper, called a sheet feeder.

493	Starwriter model 40 40 c/s parallel Centronics interface	£1199
494	Starwriter model 40 40 c/s serial RS232 interface		£1199
256	Starwriter model 55 55 c/s serial RS232 interface		£1499
255	IEC Starwriter model 55 55 c/s parallel Centronics interface	£1499
497	Tractor feed mechanism for standard computer paper		 £140
498	BDT cut sheet automatic feeder					 £750
499	Multistrike carbon ribbon for all TEC models above each 	   £4
503	Multistrike carbon ribbon for all TEC models above box of six	  £18
504	Spare daisy wheel - 12 character per inch printing		  £10
506	Spare daisy wheel - 10 character per inch printing		  £10