Control Universal catalogue

Section 12


CUBE and Acorn systems are standardised on the Eurocard arrangement of printed circuit cards, and on the Vero KM6 rack system in particular, using a 1" pitch between cards. In this section, the parts that make up racking systems are described and listed. Note that front panels appear on page 3.15.

Cards are accommodated by identical top and bottom card guides which snap into the rails of the subrack. Disk modules use four identical module guides (two top and two bottom). The same arrangement using the same guides is true both of the subrack unit which fits into the Eurorack enclosures, and of the caseframe unit.


2960	Eurorack - metal work only, packed flat								24.00
700	Eurorack with buffered backplane and eight sockets, guides for eight
	cards and one disk module assembled and tested							72.00
705	Eurorack with buffered backplane and 14 sockets, with card guides, assembled and tested		98.00
710	Rack assembled, with module guides for two disk units						30.00


These enclosures are designed to take subracks as shown on Page 2.14

415	Enclosure for one Eurorack. 15cm high x 37cm deep x 49cm wide				42
420	Enclosure for two Euroracks (total height 611, ie 30cm. 32cm deep, 49cm wide)		60


(Supplied in flat pack without backplane or card or module guides)

Integrated card frame and enclosure used by us for Eurocard systems. They are constructed from aluminium and black vinyl covered steel. Our backplanes are on a 1" pitch, so the maximum number of cards that can be accomodated in the three sizes are 8, 12 and 16, but the maximum number of slots on a backplane is 14. There is space available for other equipment (eg. a power supply) behind the backplane. This space is shown below as the usable depth, less the 200 mm approx required by the Eurocards and backplane.

2260	Small	8.4" usable width, 24Omm usable depth			43.00
2262	Medium	12" usable width, 240mm usable depth			46.00
2261	Large	(standard 19"). 16.8" width, 360m depth 		49.00
2380	Card guide (use two per card)			each		 0.30
2600	Module guide (use 4 for disk module)		each		 0.30


Fully assembled and tested with card guides fitted, plus module guides where appropriate.

417	19" caseframe, 8 skt backplane, space for disk unit			 99
418	19" caseframe, 14 socket backplane.					129
419	12" caseframe, 6 card slots, one disk module slot			 80
	(This is the case used on System 10)


380	19" caseframe, 8 socket backplane, space for disk unit with CUPS-3
	power supply (5V, 5A; 25V, 0.5A; 12V, 2A) fitted & tested		187

381	19" caseframe, 14 socket backplane with CUPS-3
	power supply (5V, 5A; 25V, 0.5A; 12V, 2A) fitted & tested		217

382	12" caseframe, 6 card slots, one disk module slot with CUPS-3
	power supply (5V, 5A; 25V, 0.5A; 12V, 2A) fitted & tested		168
	(Same unit as supplied with the System 10)


422	Injection moulded enclosure with aluminium chassis 
	very dark brown in colour. 33cm wide, 40cm deep, 10cm high. 
	Designed to take a purpose built power supply (code 439),
	but without space for CUBIT						80

427	Foam moulded enclosure with steel chassis. 
	47cm wide, 46 cm deep, 12cm high. Room for CUPS-2 power supply.
	CUBIT can be accommodated with the removal of a small amount of
	the material under the paper tray (invisible from outside)
	or by using the AIM 65 COMPATIBILITY module (section 20).
	Chocolate/cream.							65