Control Universal catalogue

Section 19


Control Universal have devoted part of their business to a product design and manufacture service. This can take the form of designing a product unique to a customer, or agreeing with a customer with a quantity requirement the specification of a product which will fit the Control Universal sales range. In this case the design fee may be waived in consideration of a quantity order. An example of this kind of co-operaticn is the CUBAN analog interface, which is part of the CU range, but was produced at the instigation of MEDC, Paisley College.

Tn the case of products produced specifically for a client, the service can be for just an unenclosed computer unit, or for a fuil service of enclosure, software and packaging, in addition to the computer board. In cases requiring styling of an enclosure wa rely on the co-operation with our industrial designers, Morgan Odell Partnership, London.


Log-on box100****
Foreign Exchange Calculator24* * 
Pharmacists label Printer600* * 

We welcome suggestions about special purpose projects from our prospective clients, and would suggest that our strengths are in speed of execution and economic performance, in addition to a breadth of services rarely found under one roof.