Control Universal catalogue

Section 20


COMPATIBILITY products are interface connection modules designed to allow all computers to gain the benefit of using a standard range of extensions and accessories. This concept is based on the generally used arrangement of 16 address lines and 8 data lines being valid for the majority of 8-bit microprocessors. By this means those CUBE and Acorn extensions which are memory mapped can be used with almost any computer.

Each COMPATIBILITY product connects in some way to the host computer's data bus, and presents a DIN 41612 two row plug to the CUBE/Acorn extension. A 64-way ribbon cable (see page 13.1) is the used to connect from the COMPATIBILITY unit to the extension, which can then be mechanically mounted in a way suitable to the particular situation

1440	COMPATIBILITY unit for Rockwell AIM 65			20.00
1441	COMPATIBILITY unit for Apple				20.00
1442	COMPATIBILITY unit for PET 40 column			20.00
1443	COMPATIBILITY unit for PET 80 column			20.00
1444	COMPATIBILITY unit for Sinclair ZX81			40.00
1445	COMPATIBILITY unit for Acorn Atom			20.00
1446	COMPATIBILITY unit for BBC Computer (1MHz connection)	20.00