LNW80 CP/M Page

LNW CP/M in at least three versions. All are CP/M 2.2, but the BIOS version differs: 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1.

Note: You will need a LNW80 model II or a LNW80 with a CP/M modification, like the Selector (more on this follows) to run this software. It will run on a similar modified TRS-80 too, but only in 64x16 mode.

Due to time limitations, the only available software are the images Jim Geneva send me. I'll add other stuff later.

The images were made with and can be reproduced by Teledisk. This program used to be shareware, but is now " ... not sold to the general public.." I'll put this old version here and see what happens.

In the future I plan to migrate the images to the DMK format, as this doesn't need copyrighted software, and has probably more possiblilities.

Last updated: 2000-12-14