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The aim of this Quick Reference is to provide the user not only with a reference list of the BASIC Commands, Statements and Functions but also a summary of the essentials of operation.

Because of its applications in the field, we believe this to be a necessary requirement. However, the user is advised first to become thoroughly familiar with the M10 using the M10 Operations Guide and to use this booklet afterwards as an "aide-memoire".

The M10 comes in two versions - the M10 MODEM which has a built-in modem and a version without modem. Where differences occur between models, these are clearly indicated in the text.

Distribution: General (G) 

1st Edition: September 1983

Reference: M10 Portable Computer
                    Operations Guide





Ing. C. Olivetti & C., S.p.A. 
Direzione Documentazione 
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Copyright (C) 1983, by Olivetti 
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