Modifying the Pure data GUI with ttk:combobox widget

In an attempt to brush up my Tcl and Tk knowledge, I attempted to refactor the code and to make it a bit more exiting, replace the default custom build drop down lists with a modern variant, the ttk::ComboBox. This also allowed adding some feedback if the settings file does not match the actual device configuration. The result is nice enough to show it to others.

The original:

Standard Audio Settings dialog box

The modified one (this is the version with grid):

Modified Audio Settings dialog box

The new version is not yet what it should be. It looks ok with Linux, but there is a font issue with Windows (XP):

windows list font problem

Hans-Cristoph Steiner from the PD-dev list, supplied the solution: adding 'option add *font menufont'. (::menufont should be the same, but made the font about two points too large.)

magic incantation fixes the fuzzy font

Another issue is that I didn't check how it looks with MacOSX...

If anyone is interested in the code, here are the modified files (based on 0.44.0-extended, but equal to vanilla 0.44.0):

The l2ork fork has similar modifications for the midi dialog.

Last updated: 2013-06-01