First versions: 11 axes of confusion

Inspired by the The Gloves Project we started creating a similar gadget. The first incomplete version is implemented on an Arduino UNO and uses the 9-Axis module (the 10-Axis module looks the same, is slightly cheaper and red)

The module actually has 11 sensor values; 3 gyro-axes, 3 accellerometer-axes, 3 compass-axes, barometric pressure and temperature.

The patch is quite large and requires more than 31,566 bytes of Flash memory, which just fits in a UNO. It will not work on a Leonardo or a similar ATmega32u4 based Arduino (28,672 byte maximum).

Note the project is currently halted waiting on more compact hardware and inspiration. There is a moving teapot, but no proper tracking yet.

Older versions:

Last updated: 2014-01-04