Useful old PC Software

Some of this software is freeware, some of it is or was shareware.

Arce is a compression program much used in the CP/M world
Lu is another archiver from the CP/M environment
Hexbin (of binhex) converts hex-inten to and from binary
Reads multiple CP/M formats Removed on request of Sydex
Analyses and reads disk formats
TeleDisk 2.11
Teledisk converts disks to images and back. This version works reliable when using a 40 track, 360 kByte floppy drive.
TeleDisk 2.16
This version seems to be designed for usage with 80 track, 720 kByte or 1.2 MByte drives. Does not work reliable with 40 track drives.
ImageDisk 1.13
The free alternative to TeleDisk. Use this for new archive projects. Using TeleDisk is not free, and this might be enforced one day (like 22Disk).
Systest is softwate to test and inspect hardware. Great for testing serial ports. Barely knows what 80386 and VGA are.
The standard Epson file transfer tool. Works with both HX-20 and PX-8 (and probably PX-4).
The opponent of RAWRITE.EXE. Makes images of DOS floppies.
for the DATA I/O 200 Series programmers.