1 to 3K byte memory expansion
RAM PACK for the Sinclair ZX80

RAM PACK front
semi-side view After more than twenty years, the plastic is getting quite brittle!
bare board Below are the fitting instructions for RAMs in the RAM PACK. Note that no check is included to test the newly installed RAM or even determine the ZX80 detected the extra RAM!
(I'll try to add such a test here. In the mean time check Appendix 3 of the owners manual)
solder side
Might be interesting for retro repro enthousiasts
Recreated PCB
Markus Brenner reconstructed the layout of the original PCB. Marcel Flipse created a 3D-printer image of the housing. Here is the complete set of files

Manual as 300 dpi monochrome gif:

Page 1 & 2

Page 3

Page 4

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