Pure data externals howto examples supplement

This page contains some additional information on the external code as found at: iem.at/pd/externals-HOWTO/HOWTO-externals-en.html and as PDF.

The example code is mostly unchanged, some comments and occasional post() is added, supplementing the explaing text. Additionally for each example is a help patch, a Makefile based on the ./externals/template, an *-meta.pd required by the Makefile, and executables for Linux, MacOSX and Windows, all 32 bit. This allows you to check the patch without having a development environment. In addition to the basic examples, helloworld, counter, counter (the complex one, here counter2) and pan, there are helloworldSym and pan2 which are variations which I thought interesting.

Probably the best way to learn more on programming Pd externals is not reading all this, but find it out by yourself... But lazyness can be a virtue too ;-).

Last updated: 2014-12-27