SCBook (Sparks Compatible studBook)

SCBook is an Windows implementation of the Sparks functionality. It does not yet completely replace Sparks, but implements the functionality required by the ESF. Sparks is a studbook administration program created by ISIS.

master screen SCBOOK

Note: this program is still beta, and works default in read only mode. See the manual to enable complete write functionality.

The SCBook interface language currently supports Dutch and English. Adding other languages is supported through an external text file. See the manual.

Latest version:

Older versions

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SCBook is written in ActiveState Perl and 'compiled' with perlapp. It is created in the first quarter of 2004 as an alternative to Sebag Studbook. The SCBook source code is released under the The GNU General Public License.

The installation uses Inno Setup from JRSoftware.

Updated: 2006-03-01 for remarks.